MOC 2021 - 13th Workshop on {AI-based} Management and Optimization of Complex Systems


INFORMATIK 2021 (Berlin/ virtual)

Call for Papers

Special focus of the workshop is on applications and further developments of AI-technologies like they are given by constraint-, rule- and knowledge-based methods and by combination with other AI-based or classical approaches.

Those methods and approaches have a high potential for the intelligent design of digitalization and digital transformatiom in economy and in many other areas of life and society. Sample domains are agile management (local and global) in context of changing contsraints, flexible controling and monitoring of large traffic and supply nets, design and operating of agile, efficient company- and functional networks, planning and controlling of the energy turnaround and of actions that have to be done to reach the climate goals.

Essential subtopics therefor are: system modelling, transformation to processing-friendly internal representations, intelligent optimization and reorganization of systems, planning and controlling of efficient and sustainable resource utilizations and furthermore the realization of IT-functionalities supporting the management of the addressed systems based on the designed modells.

Submissions are especially (but not limited to) requested for the following subjects:

The workshop is intended to give experts, users and other interested persons a space for exchanging and dicussing ideas, approaches, methods and solutions. Ideally, this could result in ideas, impulses and essentials for future research and application activities.

Workshop languages are German and English.

Submission of Papers

Paper submissions (German or English, LNI format) are possible in the following variants:

Submissions should be made using EasyChair (→ Submit).

Authors are requested to follow strictly the LNI Guidelines for authors.
All accepted papers will be published in the book series Lecture Notes in Informatics.

Timetable for authors

Due to the ongoing pandemic situation, the workshop will be operated as an online workshop.